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Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Brush With Catholocism: Part III

Instead of Hell, the Catholics get this cool-sounding place known as Pergatory which, pardon my limited Catholic vernacular, is a somewhat "meet in the middle" kind of place for Catholics.  Rebecca tells me that its the place where you go and hang out until you are purified, sort of like an arthereal juicing of the soul. I envision the medium-bad Catholics floating around on comfy rafts in a sea of dark clouds, an occasional fallen angel or fanged demon popping by to keep them on their toes.  Another really cool thing about Pergatory is that you can get on the fast track to Heaven if lots of Catholics pray for you on All Souls Day.  My advice to you...make lots of Catholic friends. It sure wouldn't hurt. I suppose that Pergatory is a bad place relative to all the perks you might get in Heaven, but it sure beats the Baptists' hell with all the fire and brimstone and screaming and whatnot. I mean, there's really no "gray" area with the Baptists when you're talking eternal damnation.  It's black or white--saved or lost. Darn it.

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